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The primary goal of SpendTrim is to make sure your company expenses are properly managed. With proper expense ticketing and granular approval processes, all expenses will always be accurate and approved.

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Expense Management

You can record all your expenses using SpendTrim. Every company department can have an approver who decides which expenses are approved or not approved.

Vendor Management

Enter all your company vendors, so when a new expense is created, you can select the particular vendor who will supply the item. Record all the details of the vendors.

Proof of purchase and transfer

After expenses are approved, the cashier can easily see all approved ones where payout is be done. The procurement officer can also upload receipts, invoices and other proof of purchase.

How it Works

Departments are created, and managers are set for each department. All the managers can approve the expenses. Staff can then make expense requests, and list quotes by different vendors. The managers can approve or disapprove these expenses. All approved expenses can be viewed in a list - which can then be paid out.