Manage Your
Company Expenses

You can use SpendTrim to add expenses for your company and get them approved by managers or admins at the company. Approvals are granular - you can specify who in the department is to approve an expense. Receipts, invoices and other additional documents can be uploaded for all the expense tickets.

Manage Your
Company Vendors

You can record all the vendors that supply your company using the Vendor tool of SpendTrim. You can record the contact information, the key people at the vendor and all other information. You can also see all the items that each vendor has supplied the company. Once registered, these vendors can be set as the suppliers for each expense.

Manage Your
Company Assets

Improve your company records. You can upload reciepts, invoices and any other expense record directly on an expense and keep track of them easily.

Proof of Purchase

After an expense is approved and paid out - you still need evidence that the goods were properly delivered. The proof of purchase feature allows the admin to upload receipts, invoices and photographic proof of the purchase.